ICɅRUS OpsTM is a Glass Partner and Glass Enterprise Edition Developer and Distributor.


Minimize human error and downtime with mission critical procedures at your fingertips!

ICɅRUS OpsTM provides a complete mission critical operations solution, including software, mobile technology, online tools and consulting. It is our mission to help your team achieve precise, error-free operations. Our system will enhance compliance by ensuring mobile access to consistently updated procedures, while providing overview via comprehensive leadership dashboards.

Minimize costly errors

ICɅRUS OpsTM uses mobile and wearable technology to
minimize human error.

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ICɅRUS OpsTM System Features

  •  Quickly find and activate the desired procedure/checklist.
  •  Embed video, animations or photos for complex operations.
  •  100% verifiable compliance.
  •  Mobile devices are fully functional offline.
  •  Easily and Instantly capture suggestions for continuous improvement.
  •  Data capture photos or short video at critical points to document proper task accomplishment.

The Right Focus

Harnessing the best practices from commercial and military aviation, we help put the right focus in the right places to prevent errors. Proper procedure and checklist design coupled with the ICɅRUS OpsTM software is proven to minimize error and provide consistent results.

Our Customers

  • COMPASS datacenters
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • RPV Aeronautics
  • Local Motors
  • FIU
  • FritoLay
  • Me3