Human Error Prevention

About Human Error Prevention

A human error prevention story ‘the engineer had switched off the power supply by mistake…’ A somewhat common error. 80% of data center downtime is the result of human error. In 2017 a European airline lost 165 million Euros due to human error in one of their data centers.

human error prevention

mobile, wearable digital checklists

How to prevent human error?

As a result of what we know works, we’ve developed digital checklists to help build valid barriers to this kind of error. Because operators verify each procedure when it is performed. And even more importantly, technicians are properly trained and certified.

First of all immediate, also expert, on the job assistance is available. Similarly in case things do go sideways, technical personnel are ready to help get work back on track.

“You can’t just rely on people to not make mistakes,” Joe Jones Co-Founder ICARUS Ops LLC.

Human error prevention is what Icarus Ops does.

Human error prevention because

For the simple reason that more industries seek error free operations. That’s what Icarus Ops wearable interactive digital checklists do. Most noteworthy is that real-time data about what operators do, where and when goes to the cloud.

Consequently leadership, management or operator level personnel are able to track correct, timely operations. For that reason it’s easy to see if an operator skips a step or forgets a routine maintenance procedure.

Go anywhere with you

Furthermore digital checklists can be wherever mobile technology and wearables can be. Operators are able to date and time stamp every procedure. Operators can add photo or video to support a step. This information shows other operators any change to any part of the Standard Operating Procedures.

That’s one of the interactive parts of Icarus Ops’ digital checklist system.

Certainly our data center story shows, one mistake can lead to error. Operators learn to implement new or repetitive procedures flawlessly using this digital checklist system. The system intends to remove room for error.

We are constantly listening

Icarus Ops listens to the feedback from the data center industry. It listens loud and clear to stories of data center outages worldwide. Aviation, NASA, Space X, Oil & Gas, Banking. The team listen most carefully to their clients feedback. Information from leadership dashboards is readily available as real time data that illustrates performance anywhere the system is in place. If a Learning Management System operator rushes through the syllabus, captured data will deliver an alert.


Cost of Data Center Outages

British Airways’ outage, like most data center outages, was caused by humans.