ICARUS Ops Announces Availability of X Glass Capability – Next Phase in Two-Year Partnership

ICARUS Ops announced today its support of X Glass and its inclusion on the X Glass Partner Site. This new capability enables data center technicians to perform their operational activities by viewing ICARUS Ops’ customer-specific checklists using X Glass Enterprise Edition.

“Glass provides our customers with a new level of “hands-free” operation, enabling them to carry out tasks that use the maintenance checklists we have developed specifically for them. This dramatically reduces the potential for system-affecting human errors”, said ICARUS Ops President Joe Jones. “This is the end product of two years of development and provides end users with an added level of flexibility, allowing them to now choose between our Android and Glass-delivered options to obtain the solution that best meets their requirements”.

The new Glass option enables end users to:

  • Provide technicians with the ability to operate in a true “hands-free” mode via assisted reality
  • Open a video chat with other subject matter experts when an added level of assistance is required
  • Enhance their checklists with the addition of photos and video to provide them with the ability to obtain more detailed information to complete an activity

“It’s estimated that human error is responsible for over 70% of all data center outages. We’ve worked with ICARUS Ops for the past three years to provide our customers with a powerful tool that ensures their personnel have all the operational information they need at their fingertips”, said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. “The addition of Glass support enables us to offer customers an enhanced method of increasing the efficiency of their technicians and the reliability of their overall data center operations”.

“We think that the ability to offer end users both Android and Glass delivered checklist access enables us to provide them with the solution that best matches their needs”, said Jones.

About ICARUS Ops:

ICARUS Ops is an industry leader in electronic documentation and wearables industry. Based on almost 60 years of combined experience in high-risk military operations and  commercial airlines. ICARUS Ops works closely with end users to translate their mission- critical operational information into step-by-step checklists, which are then accessible to technicians via either tablet, Android or X Glass. Checklist usage has proven to dramatically reduce human error. Further information on the company is available at http://icarusops.com.