Jet Pilots Make Digital Checklists Save Lives

Jet Pilots Make Digital Checklists Save Lives

Jet Pilots Dream Digital Checklists Save Lives

‘We know digital checklists save lives. Combine wearables, now you minimize human error, wherever operators go.’

Jet pilots make digital checklists save lives.

From a generation that depended on paper aviation checklists in three ring binders and flew in combat.

Because military and civilian aviation checklists have gone digital, and work better than ever, ICARUS Ops turned the benefit of life saving aviation checklists into wearable and mobile technologies.

ICΛRUS Ops launched a whole new use for wearables of all types such as Google Glass. These wearables deliver digital checklists where the operator is. And return immediate date and time stamped responses.

Imagine management with immediate visual and interactive access during normal or emergency operations. Process and resolution are handled ‘hands free’ through remote interaction with digital checklist wearables.

Digital checklists minimize skipped checklist steps, allow global operational centers to minimize human error in high reliability and mission critical environments, simultaneously.

ICΛRUS Ops’ system delivers compliant captured data immediately, straight to global leadership. Digital checklists can reduce datacenter downtime, oil industry error and reduce risk to human life in day to day operations of autonomous transport systems.

ICARUS Ops work with diverse cutting edge datacenter, transportation and technology leaders. Allows corporate centers to empower localized remote operations to continue business without human error.

Local Motor’s ‘Olli’ wove ICΛRUS Ops’ digital checklists anticipated myriad scenarios, seamlessly throughout the Watson Internet Of Things teams system, for remote operator interaction.

Google glass enhances digital checklist technology with wearables, keeps pace with a faster, higher speed of doing business.

Partner with ICΛRUS OPs. Bring your operations and management out of the ‘bulky binders’ era, load up your digital checklists to every level of participation, in every digitally connected place on the planet. Weave technology together for a stronger better world.