‘Olli’ Local Motors Icarus Ops

Olli Local Motors Icarus Ops

Olli Local Motors Icarus Ops, Key Largo, September 7th 2016

ICΛRUS Ops LLC helps Olli’s remote operators. June 2016 Debut in Maryland’s National Harbor. 

When the world’s most innovative self-driving vehicle manufacturer went looking for a partner to help with Olli’s daily operations, they chose ICΛRUS Ops.

Every time people hear “Hello, my name is Olli”, ICΛRUS Ops digital checklist technology is at work in the background.

The ICΛRUS Ops team worked with IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Automotive experts at Local Motors’ new National Harbor, MD facility to develop key words that alert Olli when passengers need assistance. ICΛRUS Ops consultants helped the team design medical emergency and other abnormal checklists to guide Olli’s remote operators when a passenger needs assistance.

The teams job on the project was to work along side the experts who were integrating Watson that is Olli, has a friendly voice which responds to human questions, like where the best cappuccino in town can be found and how long it will take to drive itself there. More seriously, will also prompt the Local Motors remote operator to use Olli’s camera and communication system to act in assisting a passenger during emergency or abnormal situations.

ICΛRUS Ops and Local Motors have addressed every foreseeable abnormal situation in a very easy-to-use automated digital checklist system; the system allows Olli’s remote operator to quickly respond to Olli’s passengers needs and provide a robust system for continuous improvement.

ICΛRUS Ops’ checklist system is crucial at this point, “because human error reduction when under extreme stress is manageable, it’s very helpful to have each emergency procedure planned out,” says Jerry Leekey, CEO of ICΛRUS Ops

Olli Local Motors Icarus Ops

ICΛRUS Ops helped us build state of the art digital checklists housed within mobile technology, setting a new standard in autonomous transportation operations. We now have a system that makes it simple for our operators to safely prepare and operate Olli. I’m actually excited to show regulators our digital archives of completed inspections and operational checklists. Icarus has helped us set a new standard of safety in self-driving vehicle operations,says Corey Clothier, VP Product Management at Local Motors.

ICΛRUS Ops is a Google Glass-at-Work partner, which allowed Local Motors to use mobile and wearable technology to make first person video of Olli’s more complex assembly processes; invaluable footage which will be included in future Olli assembly checklists. Olli will be built in ‘neighborhood’ micro factories around the world, digital assembly checklists will standardize the building process.

ICΛRUS Ops LLC is a Google Glass-at-Work partner.