Santa Avoids NORAD On Sleigh Flight

Santa Avoids NORAD On Sleigh Flight

This year Santa Avoids NORAD On Sleigh Flight as he left the cosy warmth of his north pole hideaway on December 24th, with his Icarus Ops Digital Checklist installed in the wearable on his wrist. He’s managed the major mission critical aspects of his job, this year, with elegance and flair. And a whole lot less paper.

Paper Checklists – Why?
It’s not just to avoid NORAD, AND ensure delivery of his gifts on time, it’s because he doesn’t want James to get Prykhat’s gift, or vice versa.

After Icarus Ops turned his mission critical procedures into digital steps, and his paper checklists into gift wrap, he was over the moon, literally, because he knew there were no mistakes when he used the digital version.

Santa gives up on paper checklists, streamlines elf productivity, increases gift delivery accuracy, reduces human, elf error.

Digital Checklists
Digital checklists are capable of extremely complex operations: he has to secure the right presents to the right children, with a complex delivery schedule all from a safe altitude. He forgot his transponder last year, and that gave him a scare. So just in case his flight path looks like it comes close to any MOA’s or radars on his journey round the globe, he checks his Icarus Ops Digital Checklist for guidance.

Santa runs through his Icarus Ops digital Sleigh Flight checklist system on his wearable. So NORAD won’t send the F18’s out. Again.

High Reliability
Have trouble in your high reliability data center systems. Can’t compromise on speeds or security for exabytes or zetabyte to flow? Tough staying on top of timely delivery to billions of global customers? Desperate to develop autonomous vehicle systems with human – machine interfaces built in?

Compliance Getting You Down?
Challenged by new compliance with labor laws to give elves correct work scheduling, reindeer sick leave, and keep the magic flying dust supply chain open?

Mission Critical
When it comes to the essential mission critical pieces in the ever expanding organically growing global operation, whether it’s gift delivery by reindeer or reliable data center uptime, let Icarus Ops help reduce the human error, take wishful thinking out of enterprise and keep the magic in, well, the Holidays.

Paper Checklists As Gift Wrap!
Enjoy this film – voice over – podcast of the Sleigh Flight checklist in action. When it’s time to turn those beautifully decorative paper checklists into gift wrap, let Icarus Ops Digital Checklist Systems assist you.